Introduction to CERN Safety Rules


Safety is a priority of CERN's general policy.

CERN defines and implements a Safety Policy, The CERN Safety Policy1 that sets out the general principles governing Safety at CERN.

As an intergovernmental organization, CERN further establishes its own Safety Rules as necessary for its functioning. In this process it takes into account the laws and regulations of the Host States (France and Switzerland), EU regulations and directives as well as international regulations, standards and directives. Where the Organization does not establish Safety Rules, the relevant laws and the regulations of the Host States apply on a territorial basis.

The responsibilities and organisational structure in matters of Safety at CERN are defined in the Safety Regulation SR-SO and the subsidiary documents that complement it.

Safety covers occupational health and safety, including radiation protection, the protection of the environment and the safe operation of CERN’s installations, including radiation safety.

The CERN Safety Policy and the CERN Safety Rules cover all CERN activities and all persons participating therein or present on its site.

The Organization takes the necessary measures to ensure compliance with its Safety Policy and its Safety Rules.

Each person participating in the activities of the Organization or present on its site shall actively contribute to the implementation of the CERN Safety Policy through exemplary conduct and, in particular, compliance with the CERN Safety Rules, the CERN Safety Objectives and best practices, actively seeking information to minimise risks, avoiding dangerous situations for herself/himself and others and exercising the responsibilities assigned to her/him safely.

1The CERN Safety Policy, the Safety Regulation SR-SO and the documents that complement it, together replace the document SAPOCO 42 as well as Safety Codes A1, A5, A9, A10, which are no longer in force. Any reference made to the document SAPOCO 42 or to Safety Codes A1, A5, A9 and A10 in contractual documents or CERN rules and regulations shall be deemed to constitute a reference to the corresponding provisions in the CERN Safety Policy and the Safety Regulation SR-SO and the documents that complement it.

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