Safety information for newcomers 

At CERN, Safety covers 3 major aspects: 

  1. Occupational Health - Ensure the best possible protection in health and safety matters of all persons
  2. Limit the impact of the Organization's activities on the environment
  3. Safe Equipment and Operation.
You can download this flyer on EDMS: For Web; for Print)

Your safety network


Safety starts with you.

Prior to arrival at CERN, you need to take the mandatory safety training e-learnings with essential safety aspects at CERN. You will find them on LMS under "Mandatory courses".

It is your responsibility to stay informed and prepared about the potential hazards in your environment. It's important to

  • understand understand the prevention and protection measures and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) if required;
  • follow the necessary training.
  • Knowing emergency procedures, exits and assembly points.

Your supervisor

One of the most important persons in matter of Safety is your supervisor. They are your first contact in matter of Safety! Do not hesitate to ask them questions.

Your supervisor will tell you about:

  • Workplace related risks,
  • The preventive measures.

Safety officers

Safety officers are specialized in certain safety matters. There are several types of safety officers at CERN:

  • DSO: Departmental Safety Officer
  • TSO: Territorial Safety Officer    
  • CSO: Cryogenic Safety Officer
  • FGSO: Flammable Gas Safety Officer
  • LEXGLIMO: Large Experiment Group Leader In Matters of Safety
  • EXSO: Experiment Safety Officer
  • RSO: Radiation Safety Officer
  • PSO: Project Safety Officer 
  • ESO: Electrical Safety Officer
  • LSO: Laser Safety Officer
  • Safety link persons

The responsibilities of the safety officers varies. For example, each building has a Territorial Safety Officer (TSO). The TSO is responsible for the building in matter of Safety. The Name and phone number of the TSO can be found on labels attached to the doors of the building

HSE Unit

The HSE Unit has safety experts in all of the safety domains. The HSE Unit supports the Organization in the implementation of:

The HSE Unit also grants Safety clearance for

  • Installations, including special equipment,
  • activities,
  • projects and
  • CERN Experiments with major Safety implications

CERN's Fire and Rescue Service is organised under the HSE umbrella. The Fire and Rescue service is available 24 hours a day all year round to support and protect the CERN community. In case of an emergency, call +41 22 76 74444 (Tel. 74444).

The HSE Unit also houses the CERN Medical Service. The mission of the Medical Service is to ensure that employed members of Personnel are able to carry out their work optimally and that the professional risks they are exposed to do not negatively impact their health.

First aiders

HSE gets support in case of emergency by voluntary First Aiders. At CERN we have many first aiders that can: 

People at work can suffer injuies and immediate help and attention can save lives and avoid major complications in case of injuries. Therefore every building has at least one First Aider.

In addition to first aiders, CERN offers a free course on Life-Saving actions for anyone who want to become an actor in case of a medical emergency.