SAPOCO - SAfety POlicy COmmittee

Mission and organisation:

The Safety Policy Committee (SAPOCO) is an advisory body to the Director-General on matters related to the CERN Safety Policy. It advises the DG on the definition of the CERN Safety Policy and on appropriate measures for its implementation.It contributes to the establishment and revision of the CERN Safety Rules, as specified by the relevant procedures. It nominates the Chair of the Departmental Safety Officers’ Committee (DSOC). The SAPOCO meets as often as necessary and at least three times a year.

Meetings are called by the Chair. The SAPOCO designates one of its members to act as Secretary. The SAPOCO may invite experts to participate in its meetings if it so deems necessary.


The Director-General appoints the members of the SAPOCO, which shall be composed of the following:

  • one senior staff member who shall act as Chair;
  • the Head of the HSE Unit (ex officio);
  • the Chair of the DSOC (ex officio);
  • two representatives of the Staff Association nominated by the Staff Association;
  • a legal officer competent in matters of Safety;
  • seven senior staff members representing those responsible for the technical activities of the Organization nominated in consultation with the SAPOCO Chair and the Head of the HSE Unit.

Except for the ex-officio members and the legal officer, members shall be appointed for two years, renewable once for another period of maximum period of two years.

Present members of SAPOCO are:

Antonio Perin (Chair)

Angela Goehring-Crinon (Legal officer and Secretary)

Doris Forkel-Wirth (HSE Unit Head)

Olga Beltramello (Chair of the DSOC)

Oliver Boettcher (SA)

Nadine Conan (SA)

Michele Battistin (EN)

Gloria Corti (EP)

Dorothee Duret (FAP)

Ilias Efhtymiopoulos (BE)

Stefan Haider (EP)

Christoph Schaefer (IR)

Luigi Scibile (SMB)