Safety Procedures

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  • CERN templates to be obligatorily used for electrical works and/or non-electrical works in the vicinity of electrical equipment

    Work Permit (Electrical Safety)

    General and non-LHC

    EDMS N. 2170622


    EDMS N. 2170623


    Note: These forms are normally printed in carbonless paper with 4 copies (including the main one) and following a specific color code. Please contact EN-EL Secretariat or EN-ACE Secretariat for more information.

  • Authorisation to drive a self-propelling tractor type RTL

    Authorisation to drive a self-propelling tractor type RTL: Word - PDF

    Memorandum addressed to DSOs and LEXGLIMOSes


  • Adjusting your workstation

    Step by step guide to adjust the workstation

  • Evacuation procedure and principles for CERN sites on French territory

    In some cases the regulatory framework of a certain domain can be exhaustive and challenging to implement. This document provides further interpretation on CERN safety requirements, related to evacuation procedure and principles on the French territory of the CERN site, as well as recommendations on best practices to be used on CERN sites.--