Accident & Incident Follow-up

Ensure the follow-up of accidents and incidents which occur on the CERN site provide support to the Departments for their analyses. Periodically provide information on accidents and incidents which occur in order to learn from them and for Safety at CERN to improve.

Service Leader: Carine PIVIDORI and Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Asbestos Risk Management

Identify and evaluate materials likely to contain asbestos, define the asbestos consolidation works.  Accompany the Departments for their works where asbestos is likely to be found (diagnosis and follow-up of worksites).  Train and inform the people concerned at CERN with regards to the risk of asbestos, participate with the Departments to the management of complaints. Collaborate with all requests linked to medical aspects.

Service Leader: Olivier PROUTEAU and Stephen EVANS ​​​​​​

Working Conditions

Ensure a preventive approach to Safety at the work stations of personnel.

Service Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Noise Risk Management

Assist and advise the Departments and Experiments in their consideration of noise risks.

Service Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Risk Management

Assist and advise the Departments and Experiments in dealing with the ODH risk management (Oxygen Deficiency Hazard).

Service Leader: Gunnar LINDELL

Worksites & Associated Risks

Ensure a preventive approach in the Safety domains of worksites and services and their associated risks. 

Service Leader: Stephen EVANS and Olivier PROUTEAU

Emergency Preparedness Support

Assist the Departments in emergency preparedness, in particular with the reception of level 3 alarms and the provision of necessary elements for emergency evacuations.

Service Leader: Valentin ALGOET and Mariela ALARCON POLO

Event Safety Support

Advise and propose technical solutions in the domains linked to Safety of CERN’s events.

Service Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Safety Rules and Regulatory Watch in matters of Safety

Update the Safety rules and elaborate new ones in order for the Organisation to function better.  Provide information concerning the evolution of Safety Regulations.  Update the fundamental documents available on the web. 

Service Leader: Andre HENRIQUES and Ulla TIHINEN

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections allow to ensure the safety of the installations (buildings, mechanical equipment and accessories, electrical installations).

The different types of Safety Inspections carried out are the following:

• General Safety Inspections: safety inspections of buildings: administrative,  workshops, experimental halls, technical galleries, accelerators etc.;
• Electrical Safety Inspections: safety inspections of electrical installations;
• Lifting Safety Inspections: safety inspections of lifting equipment and accessories including doors and lifts;
• Machine Tools Safety Inspections;
• Pressure Safety Inspections: safety inspections of  vessels, pressure lines, boilers;
• Safety Inspections of pressure accessories : safety inspections of safety valves, pressure reducing valves, manometers, rupture discs, thermostats, pressure regulators;

The Safety Inspectors write inspection reports. These reports are available on EDMS.

Link to Safety Reporting.

Service Leader: Cécile PINTO and Olivier TISON

Tendering Safety Support

Check the integration of Safety in calls for tender.  Advise and propose technical solutions in the domains linked to Safety in the writing of calls for tender, ensure a preventive approach.

Service Leader: Mariela ALARCON POLO, Backup: Valentin ALGOET and François ANGERAND

Visit Safety Support

Advise and propose technical solutions in the domains linked to Safety of CERN’s visits.  

Service Leader: Carine PIVIDORI

Quality assurance

Intervene on different quality assurance items of HSE unit with the aim to improve services given to the stakeholders.

Service Leader: Francois ANGERAND

Mechanical Safety

HSE provides advice on the selection and application of the appropriate design methods, manufacturing techniques and inspection and testing procedures with a view to achieving compliance with the pertinent CERN Safety Rules, standards, European directives and best practices available in the following categories of mechanical equipment:

  • Cryogenic equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Machinery
  • Handling and lifting equipment
  • Automatic doors
  • Lifts

Service Leader: Simon MARSH

Fire Safety

The fire Safety expertise provides conformity assessment with the applicable rules, support on the elaboration of the Fire Safety Concept based on the best fire protection and prevention practices, reviews and safety checks as well as the following analysis:

  • Performance-based fire risk assessment
  • Computational fire dynamics modelling
  • Structural fire resistance assessment
  • Evacuation capabilities assessment
fire safety

Service Leader: Saverio LA MENDOLA

Electrical Safety

HSE provides advice on the design, manufacturing, installation, inspection and testing procedures of the electrical equipment and distribution with a view to achieving compliance with the pertinent CERN Safety Rules, IEC standards, European directive. This support includes:

  • Validation of the electrical design (electrical calculations sizing the electrical equipment).
  • Verification of engineering design and manufacturing files.
  • Technical advice on the applicable standards to be followed.
  • Validation of commissioning and testing procedures.
  • Safety inspections.

Service Leader: Saverio LA MENDOLA

Structural Safety

Provides support to designers, clients and end users in all aspects of civil engineering design and operation. The service helps integrate safety into the design of new works as well as providing support for structural issues with buildings and other civil engineering infrastructure.


Service Leader: Marco ANDREINI and Richard MORTON

Chemical, Biological, and Nano Safety

The HSE Unit provides advice and validates the safety of activities, installations, experiments and equipment where hazardous chemicals or flammable gases are used. This might concern buildings/sites storing bulk quantities of chemicals which are covered by major accident legislation or chemical laboratories, workshops, experimental halls, etc. where tens or hundreds of chemicals might be stored, used or handled.

Service Leader: Jonathan GULLEY and Pauline LONJON

Laser Safety

Laser Safety at CERN follows European Directives and the IEC 60825 standard. HSE works with the Departmental Laser Safety Officers to provide guidance and support for all laser related activities, which include Industrial, Metrological and Scientific applications. HSE organises Laser Safety training which is mandatory for every user of laser classes 3B and 4 equipment. Lasers classed as 3B or 4 are hazardous and must be notified to HSE, following which the installation will be inspected and the working methods verified.

Service Leader: Saverio LA MENDOLA

HVAC / Air management Safety support

The HSE Unit provides Safety support and advice on the design, manufacturing, installation and inspection of HVAC / air management systems, installed in tertiary, industrial or underground facilities.
The support includes:

  • Verification and/or validation of design solutions and risk assessments
  • Verification of engineering design and manufacturing files
  • Support on technical solutions based on expertise, lessons learnt and best practices
  • Advise on the applicable Rules, norms and standards to be used
  • Participation to safety inspections and/or technical acceptance tests

Service Leader: Andre HENRIQUES

Other domains


Service Leader: Francois ANGERAND and Saverio LA MENDOLA