CERN Fire & Rescue Service


GL: Dr. Pierre Bonnal, DGL: Marc Nas

Assistant: Efstathia Kopterou


The CERN Fire and Rescue service group, FRS:

  • supports the Organization in emergency preparedness and response,
  • provides a fire and rescue service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in order to protect the physical integrity of persons, and to minimise, to the extent possible, damage to the environment and property and disruption of CERN’s activities,
  • In the event of an incident represents CERN in contacts with its Host States and third parties outside working hours until the competent CERN services are available.

In particular the FRS:

  • acts as first responder to fires, Safety-  and medical emergencies on the CERN sites and in their vicinity,
  • collaborates with the Fire and Rescue Services in the Host States as defined in the relevant agreements,
  • shares knowledge in firefighting and prevention and contributes to fire investigations and the design of fire and rescue related safety training programmes,
  • carries out research and develops operational tactics suited to CERNs specificities.

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