The Transversal services group


GL: Angela Goehring-Crinon, DGL: Christophe Delamare

Assistant: Roxana Banica


The Transversal Services Group, HSE-TS supports HSE activities and the Groups of the HSE Unit in particular through:

  • proactive communication,
  • establishment, maintenance and interpretation of CERNs regulatory framework in matters of Safety,
  • assistance in the implementation of CERN legal requirements,
  • HSE specific computing support,
  • design and organisation of Safety training courses,
  • administrative support,
  • space management,
  • project management, and
  • quality assurance.

HSE-TS further provides administrative and legal support to a number of committees and processes such as

  • the Safety Policy Committee (SAPOCO),
  • the HSE Management Board (HSE-MB),
  • the HSE Technical Management Board (HSE-TMB),
  • the CERN Environmental Protection Steering Board (CEPS),
  • the Departmental Safety Officers Committee (DSOC),
  • EIROFORUM working groups, and
  • the implementation of the Tripartite Agreement on Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety between CERN and its Host States.

HSE-TS organisational chart

Mandates per section: