Last updated:  11 March 2022

Applicable to everyone who comes on the CERN sites

Everyone on CERN sites must comply with the following measures:

  • A physical distance of at least 1,5m shall be respected. Except in COVID-19 risk level 1 – Green, specific COVID-19-related measures apply where this distance cannot be ensured;
  • Respect space occupancy measures in offices and other shared spaces such as restaurants and cafeterias;
  • Masks shall be worn where there is a risk that the physical distance of 1,5m cannot be ensured at all times. More detailed prescriptions regarding the wearing of masks (indoors and outdoors) apply depending on the COVID-19 risk level;
  • Hand-shaking and other close contacts with colleagues are not allowed; 
  • Regular hand washing is required. Hands shall be washed thoroughly with soap and water; if not available an alcohol based hand sanitizer can be used. 
  • When coughing, sneezing or nose blowing, nose and mouth shall be covered with a disposable tissue or with the crook of the elbow, if no disposable tissue is available; 
  • Tools, workstations and CERN cars shall be regularly cleaned by the person using them;
  • Proper venting of workplaces (offices, meeting rooms,...) shall be ensured by the occupants of these workspaces.