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6 February 2023

In view of the evolving epidemiological situation, and in order to align with its Host States, CERN is lifting its remaining COVID-19 measures.

Mandatory isolation and testing have been abolished in Switzerland since April 2022. As of 1 February, France has followed suit and no longer requires people to self-isolate following a positive COVID-19 test. People who are contact cases are also no longer required to take a test.

In the light of this regulatory change, CERN has taken the decision to abolish CERN-specific COVID-related measures. As of Monday, 6 February, CERN no longer requires personnel who are displaying symptoms to make a self-declaration in TRAMED. Any associated test obligation, self-isolation or site-access suspension will no longer apply. Any existing site-access suspensions will cease.

Should they test positive for COVID-19, personnel must henceforth follow the regulations applicable in their place of residence, if any, and take the appropriate measures in the light of their health condition.

Nevertheless, the coronavirus is still circulating. To continue our efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 and other seasonal viruses, basic hygiene measures should be followed (regular handwashing, room ventilation). Moreover, people with symptoms should wear a mask, avoid close contact (in particular with vulnerable people), and get tested if appropriate.

The COVID-19 communications team

Link to applicable COVID-19 measures in France.

Link to applicable COVID-19 measures : in Switzerland