CERN Meyrin site aerial views
A view from 200m (Image: CERN)


Last update 18 November 2020 

In light of the stricter measures announced by CERN’s Host States (France and Switzerland) to confront the escalating number of infections in their countries, CERN is adapting its framework for on-site activities and telework. The overarching objective remains to safeguard the health and safety of everybody on the CERN sites while enabling continued effective operation of the Laboratory, as far as feasible.

The return on site of all categories of personnel is supported by COVID-19-specific health and safety measures and recommendations, which are collated and regularly updated on this webpage.  

These are based on the Memorandum from the Director General, and its associated documents:

- Annex 1 -  'CERN Instructions on COVID-19-related health and safety measures', (18.11.2020)

- Appendix A - HVAC - Heating, ventilation and cooling (18.11.2020)

- Appendix B - Office Work place

- Appendix C - Exceptions from travel quarantine : translation on-going, please refer to the French version

- 'CERN Instructions on COVID-19-related health and safety measures for contractors'. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CERN personnel, are available on a dedicated page.

COVID-19 helpline for support and information: or +41 22 766 7777 from Monday to Friday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Highlighted updates

Please read through all the sections marked *New-Date* for the most recent changes. Highlighted below are the most important updates.

Quarantine measures *New 26-11-20*

Teleworking *New 26-11-20*

  • A reminder of the teleworking measures in force