Energy management

CERN’s unique complex of particle accelerators is responsible for most of CERN’s energy consumption. CERN strives to carry out its activities in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Energy consumption 2011-2020

CERN's energy consumption 2011-2020.

Electricity is mainly supplied by Electricité de France (EDF). CERN is powered from the French electrical grid and connected to the substations in Génissiat. An additional connection from the Swiss electrical grid, provided by the Services Industriels de Genève (SIG), is used during maintenance operation or in case of emergency. During normal operation (all accelerators in operation), the annual electricity consumption of CERN reaches about 1.3 TWh. In periods of accelerator shutdown, the annual electricity consumption of CERN is reduced to about 0.5 TWh. As a comparison, the annual consumption of the Canton of Geneva is about 2.7 TWh. About 85 % of the total consumption at CERN is linked to the operation of accelerators. In order to minimise energy consumption, energy efficiency criteria are integrated in new projects.

Further details on energy at CERN as well as the actions implemented for improving energy efficiency can be found in CERN’s environment reports.