Environmental noise

Noise emissions at CERN mainly originate from the operation of technical facilities such as diesel generators, transformers, capacitors, compressors, pumps, cooling towers and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). In addition, mobile sources such as transportation and civil-engineering activities are also responsible for noise emissions. To prevent the impact of noise on the neighbourhoods, CERN implements technical solutions such as selecting equipment according to its acoustic performance, installation of acoustic materials in buildings and installation of acoustic shielding. To guarantee compliance with the Host States regulation in force, noise measurement campaigns are carried out annually at CERN and acoustic measures are implemented whenever required.

For further information please see the CERN Environment Report.


Noise footprint reduction policy and implementation strategy.

Memorandum - CERN's noise emissions to the environment - from the Director-General

Noise barrier

A noise barrier put in place on a CERN site to reduce noise from industrial equipment.