CERN’s medical service can be found in Building 57 on the Meyrin site.

This service comprises:


Organigramme 2022


The role of the Medical Service is to:

  • Monitor the health of employed members of CERN's personnel and determine their fitness to carry out their work.
  • Implement prevention measures with a view to safeguarding the physical and mental health of employees throughout their professional life at CERN (e.g. prevention campaigns, examinations in addition to those carried out during regular check-ups, ergonomics assessments, defibrillator training, etc.)
  • Dispense primary care to anyone who comes to the infirmary with physical or mental health problems.
  • Respond to medical emergencies, in collaboration with the relevant services (HSE-FB, SMUR) and in accordance with the agreements between CERN and its Host States.
  • Monitor employed members of the personnel who are on long-term sick leave and facilitate their return to work or support them in the formalities leading to the recognition of disability (through the Joint Advisory Rehabilitation and Disability Board (JARDB)).
  • Help to prevent occupational accidents and prevent and detect occupational illnesses among employed members of the personnel.
  • Contribute, via the Medical Service’s COVID helpline and TRAMED, to managing COVID-19 cases.


The Medical Service does not provide services to family members or pensioners.