Last updated: 19 January 2022

From the start of the pandemic up to 19 January, the Medical Service has been informed that 981 (+134 cases compared to last week) members of the personnel (MPE and MPA) and 369 (+57 cases compared to last week) contractors / temporary personnel have tested positive for COVID-19. 

There have been cases of transmission on site, uniquely in situations where masks were not being worn. 

Anyone who works at CERN and experiences symptoms of COVID-19 should declare this immediately on the TRAMED application ( The Covid-19 Helpline provides advice to people who are ill or suspected of being ill, while asking them to self-isolate. In collaboration with the department concerned, it takes all necessary measures to break a possible chain of contamination, by quarantining as quickly as possible the close contacts of sick people while ensuring that there is no contamination in the premises.
The Medical Service insists on the importance of contacting them without delay, as soon as a first symptom appears, even if it seems far removed from those of the COVID-19, and not to come to the site in case of doubt.
The correct application by all members of Personnel of COVID-19 measures at workstations greatly limits the number of close contacts.


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