Staff association elections

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At the end of last year, new CERN Staff Association representatives were elected for a 2-year mandate.

This time, HSE will have seven delegates:  Eric Herbe (HSE-FB), Gunnar Lindell (HSE-TC), Richard Morton (HSE-OHS), Christel Paris (HSE-TC), Kurt Weiss (HSE-RP) and Stephane Wiand (HSE-FB). Giordana Gai (HSE-OHS) will represent fellows and associates.  

The freshly elected representatives have shared with us their views regarding their contribution in this new role. 

With the upcoming 5-yearly review, it will certainly be an interesting time for these HSE members, who will dedicate up 10% of their working time to participate in various Staff Association committees and working groups. We would like to congratulate them for their election and thank the two outgoing representatives, Philippe Bertreix and Nadine Conan, for their work and commitment during the last two years.


“Je souhaite bien sûr mettre à disposition mes compétences dans le domaine de la sécurité et de la communication, les échanges et la négociation étant un domaine que j’apprécie particulièrement "

" Il est très important que tous les collaborateurs restent motivés et ont des défis à réaliser."

 "Je participerais avec plaisir aux discussions sur les conditions d’emploi, aux activités de terrain diverses (organisation de la course, affichages, etc.) et je me battrais pour une meilleure justice interne. »

" Etre à l’écoute, servir et défendre les intérêts de tous les membres du personnel en participant notamment à la révision quinquennale."

“My main motivation is to help the Staff Association defending the workers rights. .. As a new delegate, I am in the process of learning where and how I can contribute in the best way. This is also an opportunity to gain a better understanding for how the organisation works as well as how CERN compares with the outside world.”

“I would like to contribute to improve the employment, working and social conditions for the CERN community, with particular attention to measures impacting the career development of fellows and MPAs categories. In addition, I will encourage initiatives to keep the work environment diverse, inclusive, with a healthy and motivating work-life balance.”


To see pictures of our representatives, please follow this link to Staff Association's web site.

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