Official News regarding the CERN Safety Rules

Official news 29.01.2024

The CERN Safety Rules listed below have been published on the CERN website dedicated to the Safety Rules :

  • Safety Regulation SR-SIM “Responsibilities in Matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN” - version 2 EDMS 2583792.
    The version 2 of the SR-SIM cancels and replaces version 1 of the same document. This new version takes into account lessons learnt from the last two years of application of the SR-SIM version 1.  It introduces the possibility of a more formal and in-depth analysis of a serious Safety Incident and a specific notification and analysis procedure for Safety Incidents occurring on category 1 worksites.  
  • Safety Regulation SR-NIR “Protection of Persons from Exposure to Non-ionising Radiation" - EDMS 2974850.
    The SR-NIR covers a large variety of hazards, notably static magnetic field and lasers. It defines the general prevention and protection principles applicable to all of them. 
  • General Safety Instruction GSI-NIR-1 “Protection of Persons from Exposure to Static Magnetic Fields" - EDMS 2974732
    This GSI cancels and replaces IS 36 “Safety Rules for the Use of Static Magnetic Fields at CERN”. 

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director General’s authority. They are available under the following link:

Safety rule