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HSE responsible 


KT status 


EDMS reference (doc/presentation) 


Software /

H. Vincke & C. Theis 

Assessment & comparison of the radiological hazard originating from materials used at CERN’s accelerators, optimize material selection 

Academic licenses:

PSI, GSI, ESS, KEK, JLAB, Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Upsala, ISIS, ELI
Commercial license: MedAustron, Integrated in KT portfolio (1) , distribution of version 3 under preparation with KT


EDMS 1256576, EDMS 1184236, Proceedings of the ICRS12 conference, (2012),

SATIF-12 conference proceedings 

eSHIP-Nucleonica + RT7C 

Software /

Y. Donjoux 


e-Ship++ (electronic Shipment) is a software program for calculating radiological characteristics of packages for the shipment of radioactive material in accordance with ADR/IATA/IAEA transport regulations 

Contract KT-019-120606 signed with Nucleonica GmbH. NDA-KC2929- DGS signed with Nucleonica 

Under revision with KT Group (N. Ziogas) to create a new agreement

EDMS 1318819 

UNAMED- Nucleonica

Software /

Y. Donjoux 

Tool to calculate dose rate, LE, LA, CA, CS, Einh, Eing according to European and Swiss regulations 

Project launched: KT group contacted (26.05.2014) 

Project already partially included into e-SHIP, but to be separated 

Currently under discussion – waiting feedback from NUCLEONICA

B-RAD radiation survey meter 

Hardware /

M. Silari 

Radiation survey meter operating in strong magnetic field for dose rate, contamination and gamma spectrometry measurements 

Patent filed on 27 May 2014 (application number: EP14170108) KT fund granted early 2014 for preparing industrialisation. IP agreement with POLIMI (KM2395/KT/DGS/190A ), Licence agreement with ELSE Nuclear for industrialization (KR2785-KT-DGS-190L) 


EDMS folder “B-Rad survey meter”

RPL reader

Hardware + Software /

H. Vincke 

RPL dosimeter readout system. Using a combined method analysing RPL light emission (triggered by UV light) and light attenuation of blue light being sent through the dosimeter. 

Patent being filed 

The Japanese company Chiyoda Technol Corporation has expressed interest. KT is exploring more companies for commercialisation 



Software /

Y. Donjoux 

Management of radioactive shipments, institutes, DGD generation 

NTNU screening performed end of 2014 

Web interface + data base 

EDMS 1305687 RADSHIP KTT online. TechBrief completed and online + EDMS 1388098 / / NTNU Screening: EDMS 1424059 

GESO (GEstion SOurces) 

Software /

Y. Donjoux

Management of radioactive sources (control, loan, request, etc...) 

According to Marco’s request, KT to be contacted 

Web interface + data base - Not yet done 


SPA6 cable

Hardware /

D. Perrin & M. Pangallo

Integrated cable with coaxial cables for ultralow current transportation and high voltage polarisation of radiation detectors (i.e. ionisation chambers) 

No patent filed. Agreement between CERN store and DRAKA GmbH to benefit of special delivery conditions. 

Cable produced by DRAKA GmbH and already used by several manufacturers of instrumentation for radiation protection (i.e. MIRION, SAPHYMO, BERTHOLD).

Special connectors developed with LEMO. 

Report “CERN technology transfers to industry and society”, ISBN 92- 9083-240-1, 2005, CERN, p.39. 


Hardware /

P. Carbonez

New CT scanner based on the Medipix detector 

KT to be contacted 

Project with the university of Christchurch in NZ 



Software /

A. Henriques 

Tool to size the minimum discharge area of a pressure relief Safety device, to protect cryogenic equipment from an accidental overpressure scenario 

Commercial licence granted to Linde Kryotechnik (KR3496_KT_HSE_222L) and INFN (KR3628_KT_HSE_222L)

Academic licence granted to INFN-LNL (licence agreement KN2461/KT/DGS/222L), ESS (KN2462-KT-DGS- 222L), CEA (KN2548/KT/DGS/222L), KIT (KN2544-KT-DGS- 222L), GSI (KN2737/KT/DGS/222L) TRIUM (KN2758-KT- DGS-222L) and TU Dresden (KN2916-KT- DGS-222L). Registration of “Kryolize” trademark is filed in the EU. KT fund granted in March 2015. 

Tool already being used at CERN by ~30 colleagues. Two other institutes showed interest in having a license (KIT and ITER). 

Paper at the ICEC 2016 conference:

EDMS N. 1824767


Experimental results:

EDMS N. 1567987

EDMS N. 1769316


Software Development status Reports

EDMS 1534986

EDMS 1559984

RP Calibration laboratory 

Facility /

P. Carbonez

New RP calibration laboratory, to be accredited as Secondary Standard Laboratory 

Mentioned to KT as future SSL for performing instrument calibrations to external users 



Hardware /

F. Murtas & M. Silari 

Radiation detector coupling a triple-GEM with Medipix readout 

KT contacted 

In contact with KT, Technology Brief prepared, contact ongoing with ARTEL (Arezzo, IT) for producing industrial version

NTNU Screening, EDMS 1460599 


Hardware + Software /

M. Silari, A. Curioni, D. Perrin, F. Murtas 

Distributed system of radiation sensors for monitoring radioactivity in waste containers 

CERN-AIST-Chiyoda collaboration agreement KE 2798/KT/DGS/232C for exploiting D-shuttle technology 

CROME Hardware + Software / 

H. Boukabache, D. Perrin

High reliability radiation monitors with CERN new readout electronics for measurement of pulsed radiation fields over a wide dynamic range. Complemented with high reliability alarm unit and uninterruptible power supply. KT contacted

Version for qualification under preparation and pre-series for the end of 2017.

Series production by CERN in 2018 and 2019.
UTOPIA Hardware + Software / 

E. Voulgari, D. Perrin
EPFL – Microsystèmes and Microélectronique

ASIC for the measurement of current over a wide dynamic range up to nine decades, starting from fA current KT contacted Prototypes exist in two versions.



Radiation effects  Consultancy / F. Szoncso Expert advice on non-standard radiation effects on watches and jewellery   Consultancy agreement with Chopard KR3747/KT/HSE/75  


(1) The KT group has a web-page showing their “portfolio”, a show-case of their projects with more detailed information (possible applications, advantages, limitations etc.) that could be of interest to potential partners: 

Access to the PDF file