HSE Unit is responsible for the development and support of a wide set of software and systems for safety management at CERN.




Dosimetry system

Used by Radiation Protection Engineers

Affecting all CERN dosimeters users
SAILOR Used by Safety inspectors to create and distribute report sailor.support@cern.ch
SAILOR Planning Used by Safety inspectors to plan inspections sailor.support@cern.ch
SAILOR Light Used by CERN personnel assigned to resolve safety remarks sailor.support@cern.ch
Safety Reporting Used by CERN personnel interested in Safety inspections and TSA statistics sailor.support@cern.ch
RAISIN Used by Radiation Protection Engineers to manage inventory and other CERN personnel to consult inventory raisin-support@cern.ch
TSA Used by HSE-OHS-SV section, which is in charge of the Tendering Support Activity tsa-support@cern.ch
Air Quality Monitoring Used by CERN personnel interested in air monitoring stations reports safetycomputing-websupporttech@cern.ch

Dosimetry system

The Dosimetry System is the software supporting the CERN Dosimetry service.


  • Distribution of dosimeters to requesters who fit the criteria: medical, contract
  • Recording personal doses in central database
  • Reports of personal doses

Send notifications: reminder for dosimeter read-out, contract renewal, medical certificate renewal, dosimeter exchange


SAILOR - SAfety Inspections LOgging and contRol

SAILOR allows Safety Inspectors to plan, create and follow up safety inspection reports.


  • Safety Inspectors record identified Hazards/Risks (what, where, urgency, responsibility, etc.)
  • Designated resolvers (CERN personnel) are requested to take Action in order to control/reduce/suppress the risks
  • Safety Roles (i.e.: DSOs, GLIMOS, TSOs, Department Leaders, Group Leaders, HSE, etc.) can follow-up on the resolution of those actions





RAISIN - RAdiological rISk areas INventory

RAISIN allows managing the inventory of CERN’s radiation areas.


  • Radiation Protection Engineers manage the inventory of CERN’s radiation areas.
  • RP Engineers identify and document the radiological risks classification.
  • RAISIN shares its classifications with other systems (used for CERN-wide scope planning)





TSA – HSE Tendering Support Activity Software

TSA System compiles HSE safety requirements for the CERN Tendering Safety Support Service.


  • For each consultation – i.e. call for tender, contract
  • Register tender documents to review
  • Assign roles (coordinator, expert, etc.)
  • Store inputs from HSE (mandatory changes, suggestions, etc.)
  • Store writer’s feedback
  • Generate final report for the requester

Air Quality Monitoring Tool

A web tool that generates long-term reports of measurements collected by air monitoring stations (see SCADA System).