Mise à jour: 10 mars 2022



Niveau 1 - vert: les clubs du CERN sont ouverts (pour les clubs hors-CERN: selon règles en vigueur dans les Etats Hôtes)  

Les présidents des clubs du CERN sont heureux de pouvoir vous accueillir à nouveau  sur le site du CERN et en dehors avec une liste alphabétique (en anglais) pour vous tenter:

A.    The Visual Arts club will resume its classes every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., in its premises located in barrack 564: ; 
B.    Basketball;
C.    Croquet on the lawn in Prévessin;
D.    Diving, take the plunge with the CERN Scuba Club;
E.    English Books@CERN’s first book selection meeting of the year will take place in April or May ;
F.    Fly with the Technical Modelling Club;
G.    The games club will resume asap
and you can enjoy a round of Golf with the CERN Golf Club;
H.    Get moving with the CERN Fitness Club HIIT classes;
I.    Capture Images with the CERN Photo Club;
J.    Jujitsu and other Martial Arts with the CERN Martial Arts Club;
K.    The canoe, kayak and dragon boat club will be resuming its activities;
L.    Learn classical music with the Learning Classical Music at CERN;
M.    The MusiClub’s activities resume, as do those of the CERN Micro Club;
N.    The Nature et Abeilles club will be putting its beehives back on the Prévessin site and resuming activity;
O.    The orienteering club’s events calendar can be found here;
P.    Strengthen your core with the CERN Fitness Club’s Pilates classes; or if pétanque is more your thing, join them soon after work on the last Thursday of the month;
Q.    Physical activity is great for a Quick release from stress, and it can also reduce your risk of major illnesses;
R.    Is for Running and Rugby;
S.    Sing with the CERN Choir which is preparing a concert, Te Deum by Antonin Rejcha on the 19 June: ; or maybe snooker and billiards are more for you;
T.    The CERN Table Tennis Club will make sure that tables installed at the various cafeterias are available as well as paddles and balls (to be requested at the cashier’s desks), while the Table Football Club will be resuming its activities: ;
U.    Ultimate Frisbee;
V.    Recover your Va Va Voom and your work life balance by joining one of the many CERN Clubs;
W.    Get on the wicket with the CERN Cricket Club from mid-April;
X.    ‘x’ pect to make friends and discover new talents when you join a CERN club;
Y.    The Yachting Club is planning normal operation and expects to resume the sailing activities in April 2022;
Z.    Join the party and burn up to 500 calories without even noticing with Zumba