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Specific Safety Instruction

SSI-WS-1-1 - Safety coordinator for category 1 operations | - Worksite - | en fr

The purpose of this Specific Safety Instruction is to define the terms of reference and the minimum qualifications required of Safety Coordinators for Category 1 operations.
This Specific Safety Instruction shall be implemented as from 1st of June 2016.

Safety Code

A4 - Confined spaces (1997)
Definition is given of confined spaces (tanks, pits, pressure vessels, physics equipment, etc.). Attention is drawn to the dangers arising e.g. from toxic gases or vapours, to the marking (notices), the responsibilities for entry procedures in these spaces (issues of entry permit), the steps to be taken before or during work (isolation of installations), the safety measures to respect, the working conditions, the individual protection and rescue equipment.


Safety Note

NS 20 - Dismantling or demolition work (1991) (in French)
A number of risks are encountered during dismantling or demolition work. Appropriate measures must be taken at the stages of tendering, as well as before or during performance of work by firms, to protect people and the environment.
NS 22 - Warning appliances during excavation work (1992) (in French)
Warning appliances (ribbons or grids) must be installed to signalize the presence of underground cables or ducts, so as to avoid for instance cutting or breakage during excavation work.
NS 24 - Removing unburied ELV and LVA electric conduits (2001)
The preparation of the work, identification of cables are the main points described in this note in order to ensure the protection of personnel during the removing of ELV and LVA electric conduits.

Safety Guideline

Safety Guideline WS-2-0-1 - Intervention on the roof (in French)
This Safety Guidelline sets out the requirements to be met for any work on the roof. For specific cases or in case of any questions, please contact the HSE Unit (


Safety Form

Safety Form WS-1-0-3 - Prevention plan (in French)
Safety Form for the writting of prevention plans

Safety Form SF-WS-1-0-4 - Simplified Prevention Plan fr

Safety Form for the writting of simplified prevention plans
Entry permit for work in a confined space



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