If an accident occurs on the CERN site, the person concerned or any person witnessing the accident must immediately inform the CERN Fire Brigade.

The procedures to be applied in the event of an accident or near miss vary according to the type of incident concerned.

N.B.: if an accident corresponds to more than one of the descriptions given below, the various procedures must all be applied in parallel.

This procedure covers the accidents that must be reported to the relevant CERN services, namely:

In accordance with Safety Code A2, any incident:

1. which has caused or could have caused personal injury, material damage to CERN property or harm to the environment either on the CERN site or on a journey between the different parts of the site, or
which has occurred outside the CERN site in the course of official activities for the Organization and results in bodily injuries, has consequences for the environment or causes significant damage to property belonging to CERN or to a third party;

2. In accordance with Operational Circular No. 4, any accident involving a CERN vehicle;

3. In accordance with Administrative Circular No. 20, any accident involving a private vehicle used by a member of the personnel for a journey on official duty;

 4. In accordance with the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme and Administrative Circular No. 14, any accident resulting in the injury of a member of the personnel or a member of his family who is a member of the Scheme.

A2 - internal accident report 

In the case of an accident of the type described under 1 to 3 above, the person directly concerned must inform his direct supervisor or his designated representative. If the person directly concerned is unable to do this, it is the duty of any person witnessing the accident to ensure that the information is conveyed to the appropriate person.

The person concerned must record the accident by completing the EDH Rapport interne d'accident / Internal accident report form to ensure that all the relevant services are informed, in accordance with Safety Code A2.

N.B.: This report is not to be confused with the Declaration of Occupational Accidents form (see paragraph 3 below), which should be completed for insurance purposes.

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HS50 - Occupational accident sustained by members of personnel

If the accident is deemed to be occupational in accordance with Paragraph 26 of Administrative Circular No. 14 or if the member of the personnel wishes to supply proof that there is a causal link between his professional activity within the Organization and the accident he has sustained, pursuant to Paragraph 23 of Administrative Circular No. 14, he shall submit a occupational accident declaration within 10 working days of the accident, or within three months of the accident if the person concerned or his or her beneficiaries are materially prevented from meeting the 10-day deadline.

The member of the personnel must complete the EDH form Déclaration d'accident professionnel / Declaration of occupational accident, accompanied by a medical certificate giving details of the injuries sustained (see the model).

The form is sent automatically to the relevant the Departmental Safety Officer and the Departmental Head for information and comments, and is then handled by the competent service within the HR Department.

In the case of employed members of the personnel, the HR Department will determine whether the accident is occupational or non-occupational. 
For associate members of the personnel, the Organization is not the employer and is therefore unable to classify the accident. However, the HR Department will make a recommendation concerning the classification of the accident.

The Member of the Personnel as well as the services concerned (Accident prevention and follow-up service; for CHIS members: Medical service, Legal service, Records Office, UNIQA, Allianz Worldwide Care; for employed members of the personnel: HRA and Pension Fund; for associate members of the personnel: their home institution) receive an EDH notification about the decision of HR Department.

If the accident is classified as occupational and concerns an employed member of the personnel, the Secretariat of the Department concerned will change the leave entry to "occupational illness or accident" and enter in the "comments" field of the leave request the EDH document number of the declaration. It is not necessary to file a paper copy of the declaration form with the Department’s set of supporting documents for absences.

The EDH document number of the accident declaration must be indicated on each associated medical expenses reimbursement claim.

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