Updated 10 March 2022

Entry restrictions in CERN’s Host States

As the applicable provisions regarding the entry into Switzerland and France evolve very regularly, please consult the competent consulate for your place of residence before any travel for up-to date information. General information is available on the selected websites below. 

Please note that due to its particular situation as an intergovernmental organisation straddling the Franco-Swiss border, particular provisions apply regarding access to the CERN site. Persons arriving or returning from a country/area for which Switzerland and/or France impose a mandatory quarantine upon arrival or return must not come on to the CERN site for the duration of the quarantine imposed by France or Switzerland whichever is the longest (cf. CERN instructions on COVID-19-related health and safety measures that can be found here). Persons concerned shall self-declare via the Covid-19 Helpline +41 22 766 7777 and inform their supervisor. 

Entering Switzerland:

Information for persons expected in an official capacity by international organisations and permanent missions.
FAQ about entry restrictions. 

Entry restrictions in Switzerland may still apply to unvaccinated persons: check entry conditions in Switzerland with the Travelcheck tool.

Entering France: 

A summary of the conditions for entering France is available on this link .

Information about the different zones and formalities is detailed on:


In case of specific questions, contact HostStates.COVID19@cern.ch