Last updated: 22 June 2021

In light of the stricter measures announced by CERN’s Host States (France and Switzerland) to confront the escalating number of infections in their countries, CERN is adapting its framework for on-site activities and telework.

Principle: Those whose activity can be carried out remotely shall telework.

Notwithstanding the above:
- MPEs, MPAts and PJAS whose activities cannot be carried out remotely or whose presence on site is deemed necessary by the supervisor shall work on-site as agreed with their supervisor.
Please consult the HR absence management table for additional information.

- Users may work on site if so instructed by the experiment spokespersons or technical coordinators and subject to agreement by their home institutes.

All MPs, including users, may work on-site two days per week without further justification. The modalities of on-site work shall however be discussed with the supervisor to take account of work organisation constraints and office occupancy rules, in particular.

Teleworking - from where

Telework for those who can telework is by default undertaken in the local area so that a swift return to CERN is possible. Exceptions to working in the local area: see COVID-19 Absence management (Annex 1),"Exceptions to telework in the local area"

The Procurement and Industrial Services group will contact all contract managers to review each contract case-by-case, in light of the revised teleworking framework.