Last updated: 3 September 2020

Since 18 May CERN has been implementing a flexible and safe plan for the gradual re-start of all on-site activities. As 7 September, this re-start will enter a new phase with those on the CERN pay roll returning to the site for at least 50% of their working time. 
As of 7th September, teleworking will be limited to a maximum of 50% of working hours. This limitation does not apply to people with vulnerabilities, people on quarantine or people in shared offices that are not compliant with safety instructions. This transitory measure will allow for progressive return of all members of personnel onsite, in full safety.


All Members of Personnel on the CERN payroll, MPEs (staff members and fellows) as well as students and projects associates, whose activity can be carried out by teleworking should, as of 7 September, be present on the CERN site at least 50% of their working time, with the exact fraction to be determined with the supervisor based on the needs of the Organization. Specifically, this means that:

  • Those who are already working 100% on site (or at least more than 50%) due to the nature of their work should continue to do so.
  • Those who can telework and are already working on site for more than 50% of their time because their on-site presence is needed for the effective operation of the Organization should continue this.
  • Those who can telework and are not strictly needed onsite for operational reasons must come to work on-site for at least 50% of their working time. 
  • Within this framework, each Department is responsible for organising the work of their teams in line with operational needs and office space conditions. With the intensification of activities onsite, all MoP should remain in or return to the local area, including for the proportion of their working time on telework where applicable, in order to be available to resume onsite activities in a short timeframe, according to operational needs.
  • Except in the event of special authorisation by the Department Head, the Member of Personnel should refrain from teleworking from a country or zone considered as high risk. Telework undertaken outside the local area will not be covered by occupational accident insurance.
  • In specific cases, for family or operational reasons that have been discussed with the supervisor, onsite presence of more than 50% can be organised on a two-week basis. 
  • This measure does not concern persons in quarantine and persons considered vulnerable in relation to COVID-19, nor those who share an office that has not been possible to adapt according to the specific required COVID-19 office-space measures. 

Students, apprentices, trainees and project associates must review their situation with respect to return on site with their CERN supervisor, and are responsible for keeping their institute/University informed and for complying with their instructions as appropriate. Should telework be required for Associated members of personnel other than students, apprentices, trainees and project associates, they must follow the instructions from their institute.

Where one’s personal situation precludes the ability to return onsite, appropriate solutions should be discussed with one’s hierarchy.

See also: details regarding the management of absences, the framework for people with vulnerabilities, and the dedicated FAQs on telework.