Last updated: 14 May 2020

Since CERN entered Stage 3 of its COVID-19 response on 20 March, the majority of CERN staff, fellows, students and trainees are on extended teleworking, as an exceptional measure.

CERN’s preference is that employed members of personnel (staff and fellows) remain in the local region whilst teleworking. This is for their safety and healthcare, as well as capacity to return to work on short notice once the situation permits. Due to the extraordinary circumstance of the COVID-19 epidemic, members of personnel may have chosen to go elsewhere for personal reasons; in this case any accidents during travel or telework cannot be considered to be professional in nature.

On 5 May, the directorate announced the gradual, staged resumption of activities on the CERN site over 16 weeks starting 18 May. Individuals will be informed by their supervisor as to the date at which they are expected to return to work onsite.

For situations where telework is not possible, or where one’s personal situation precludes the ability to return onsite, appropriate solutions should be discussed with one’s hierarchy.

Associated members of personnel must follow the instructions from their institute. Students will review their situation with respect to return on site with their CERN supervisor, and are responsible for keeping their institute/University informed and for complying with their instructions as appropriate.