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The Radiation Protection Group (HSE-RP) of the HSE Unit ensures that personnel on the CERN sites and the public are protected from potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation linked to CERN activities. The HSE-RP Group fulfils its mandate in collaboration with the CERN departments owning or operating sources of ionizing radiation and having the responsibility for Radiation Safety of these sources.

The Radiation Protection Group is responsible for Radiation Protection at CERN including:

  • assessing the hazards of ionizing radiation from CERN installations and their associated risks for personnel and members of the public and defines the appropriate protective measures;
  • monitoring the implementation and the effectiveness of the protective measures by measuring radiation levels and ambient and personal doses;
  • leading the implementation of the ALARA principle in the design, operation and decommissioning of CERN’s accelerators and experiments;
  • authorizing (suspending) the operation of an equipment, installation or activity generating ionizing radiation in case of compliance (non-compliance) with CERN’s radiation protection rules;
  • developing and maintaining tools, instruments and methods appropriate for the assessment of radiation hazards and risks particular to the CERN installations;
  • providing expert advice and technical support to departments, to the experimental collaborations and to the CERN management in all matters of radiation protection;
  • managing the interim storage, treatment and disposal of radioactive waste;
  • being in charge of the Organization’s regulatory framework in matters of radiation protection;
  • contributing to the implementation of the Tripartite agreement on radiation protection and radiation safety.


The Radiation Protection Group specifies, procures, installs and operates on behalf of CERN:

  • the radiation monitoring systems for ambient dosimetry;
  • an on-call service for assistance in case of urgent interventions;
  • the analytical laboratories for operational radiation protection and radioactive waste management;
  • the personal dosimetry service to monitor individual doses of radiation workers;
  • a radioactive shipping service for the import and export of radioactive material and sources;
  • a radioactive sources service for managing and providing radioactive sources;
  • the calibration service for radiation protection instruments to ensure the metrological traceability of measurements;
  • the pre-conditioning facility for radioactive waste and interim storage facility for radioactive waste.