Last updated: 14 May 2020

Following the evolution of the situation and the recent announcements from the Host States regarding timelines and conditions for the lifting of restrictions, CERN has made plans for a gradual re-start of on-site activities. The CERN Technical Officers will contact each contractor to determine which activities can be restarted, under which conditions and the timetable for this. In this regard, contractors shall refer to the “CERN Instructions on COVID-19 - Health and Safety Measures for contractors.

The CERN Technical Officer will plan with each contractor concerned the carrying out of a joint inspection visit, if applicable, and provide information of all COVID-19 related measures that must be undertaken prior to activities restarting on the CERN sites. CERN contractors are responsible for providing their employees the PPE needed to comply with CERN’s health and safety measures. Under certain conditions, they may procure PPE available through the CERN stores (for further details, please contact the CERN Technical Officer concerned).

Contractors shall comply with applicable national laws with respect to work on the CERN site of persons over 65 or with vulnerabilities regarding COVID-19.