This is the third year in which the CERN Management has presented annual Safety objectives for the Organization, the “HSE Objectives”.


The HSE objectives for 2014, which were announced by the Director-General at his traditional New Year’s address to the staff and were presented at the first Enlarged Directorate meeting of the year, have been drawn up and agreed in close collaboration between the DSO's, the HSE Unit and the DG himself. From Safety in the workplace to radiation and environmental protection, the document emphasises that “Safety is a priority for CERN” and that Safety policy is a key element in how the Organization is run. And, like all policies, it generates objectives that “serve as a general framework for action”.

The HSE objectives are broken down into the following fields: occupational health and safety on sites and in the workplace, radiation protection, radiation safety, environmental protection, emergency preparedness and occupational medicine.

The main HSE objectives for 2014 are as follows:

  • Objective No. 1a: Limit the number of incidents on the roads both inside and outside the CERN sites.
  • Objective No. 1b: Limit the number of incidents in the LS1 workplaces/stations.
  • Objective No. 1c: Perform evacuation exercises in facilities with difficult escape paths.
  • Objective No. 2: Improve hazard control, notably in hazardous chemical workplaces.
  • Objective No. 3: Improve the Safety of equipment/activities, with a special emphasis on lifelines.
  • Objective No. 4: 2014 environmental protection: limit the use of greenhouse gases, the consumption of drinking water and conventional waste production.
  • Objective No. 5: Keep integrated dose for CERN radiation workers below 3 mSv/year and continue to optimise radiation protection.

The HSE objectives for 2014 are intended to generate actions within the departments, and an evaluation of the progress made towards achieving these objectives will be made by the DG in the middle of the year. In the meantime, any question relating to the objectives can be submitted to the DSOs/GLIMOS or to the HSE Unit at the following address:

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