English proofreading


The aim of this service is to ensure, where the need arises, the accuracy and consistency of documents written in English.


This service covers the proofreading of strategic and sensitive documents such as:

  • Papers presented at international conferences

  • Official correspondance or emails

  • Strategic documents of and/or to the Management

  • Presentations for official Management Committees or Meetings

  • Minutes


  • Please send your documents, preferably and where possible, as .doc files either to Joanne Madden or Jodie Ridewood.

  • Specify a maximum deadline; you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt with an estimated delivery date. The best possible will be done to meet your needs if you have an urgent deadline.

  • Two files will be returned to you (if .doc): a tracked version and a clean version of your proofread document. The track changes function of Word allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed.

Drafting/publication guidelines

   When drafting your documents, please refer to:

   CERN's General grammar and style guidelines (link is external)

   English Language Style Guide by CERN Translation and Minutes Services

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