Last updated: 2 February 2021

Travel on behalf of CERN (including travel to perform professional activities at other institutions, as well as travel for participation in training courses) is only permitted if it is deemed essential for strategic or operational reasons by the Department Heads or the experiments’ Spokespersons concerned. Prior to professional travel implying an increased health and safety risk (due to the sanitary situation in the country of destination (high risk for  COVID-19 or other epidemics,  for example vaccines required) or the state of health of the traveller (existing health conditions), employed members of the personnel must contact the CERN Medical Service at for a medical opinion.

In the exceptional situations of authorized travel, consider the following guidelines:

  • The authorization of the DH or experiment spokesperson should be attached to the TRVL (not necessary if they have signed the document)
  • Check CERN COVID information page for any updated guidance on duty travel. You can also look on the International SOS website (CERN Member Login = 22ATSM650801) or MYCWT website for latest news and COVID-19 restrictions
  • Consider reserving flexible/refundable transport and cancellable accommodation, or waiting to make a reservation until close to the time of travel when possible
  • Uncertainty over COVID-19 is a valid justification for booking out of policy travel, but Travel Managers will assess each case before approving. It can be that booking 2 non-refundable journeys is less expensive than a refundable/flexible one

In situations of approved travel, where the destination (including any transit point) has been classified as high-risk for COVID-19 by either of CERN’s Host States, the traveller should discuss with his/her supervisor the modalities of quarantine and the associated prohibition of access to the CERN sites upon their return (see Arrival or return from travel to countries/regions considered at high risk for COVID-19 by CERN Host States).

For information on work during quarantine, follow this link

On-site testing
As of 25 January, CERN will be offering on-site testing for persons working on site who are vulnerable, as well as for people going on professional travel to countries that require a test prior to entry. To request a test, write to

(ref: Annex 1; ch 6)