Last update 4 October 2021

Members of the personnel, their families and retirees are included in the Host States’ vaccination campaigns according to the same procedures and timing as the population of their country of residence.

In addition, CERN is opening a vaccination centre on its site, which will initially operate according to French rules. Talks are in progress with the Swiss authorities to enable Swiss nationals and people of other nationalities living in Switzerland to be vaccinated in this vaccination centre.


COVID-19 vaccination centre at CERN

From 27 September, a COVID-19 vaccination centre is open at CERN as part of the French vaccination campaign. The centre was given the go-ahead by the French authorities by virtue of the Arrêté préféctoral of 7 September.

To be eligible for vaccination, you must hold a CERN access card and either reside in France or be a French national. A questionnaire must be completed in advance in order to assess your eligibility from the medical point of view:

Where :  Building 693.

When : Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 2:00-4:30 p.m.

What : 30 vaccination slots/day for the Pfizer - BioNtech Comirnaty vaccine

Who : People aged 12 and over who hold a CERN access card and who reside in France or are French nationals. For the detailed conditions, see this table. Please come to your appointment with your CERN access card, an identity document and, for non-French nationals, proof of address (electricity, gas or water bill or a document issued by the tax authorities). Minors will be required to furnish an authorisation signed by at least one of their parents.

How : To make an appointment for a vaccination at CERN, please call the Service Desk at +41 22 76 77777.

Personal data are processed as detailed in the applicable Privacy notice.



In Switzerland:

Vaccination modalities differ according to the canton of residence.

Information on the vaccination campaign in Geneva can be found here
Information on vaccination campaigns in other Swiss cantons can be found here.

In France:

Through this unofficial site you can locate vaccination centers where doses are available and make appointments through the various platforms available (e.g. or
The details of the vaccination campaign in France are detailed on the FAQ here (pages in French).

In other countries:

Please consult your doctor.

Vaccination certificates issued outside the EU:

For holders of vaccination certificates issued outside the EU, the procedure for applying to convert your certificate into a French COVID certificate is described here (page in French) and the form to request it here