Updated 26.04.2022


Auto testing programme ends on Friday 29 April 2022


From 26.7.2021


Why: With the virus still circulating, this test enables you to find out whether you are carrying it (even if you are vaccinated and have no symptoms) and thus avoid spreading it, better protect yourself and protect others as well.

Who: Anyone on the CERN site (register in advance). In the event of symptoms (even mild ones) that may suggest a Covid-19 infection, you cannot participate. However you must declare on Tramed tool without delay.

How often: Do a saliva self-test once a week or fortnight

How: By completing a quick e-learning course and then registering on the PLAMED web portal

Where: a complete list of places here. (updated 4.8.21)



COVID-19 helpline, for support and information: Covid19.Helpline@cern.ch or +41 22 766 7777 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)