Last updated: 3 June 2021


CERN Clubs whose activities take place off the CERN site (not including the CERN barracks which are considered as part of the CERN Meyrin site) may resume their activities so long as they commit to and are in compliance with the Host State regulations regarding COVID19.  On-site CERN Club activities (on Meyrin and Prevessin sites, including Barracks) are suspended until further notice.

However some CERN clubs have moved their activities online and are inviting you all to join them (see details in the schedule below).



Several CERN colleagues have enthusiastically put together activities to keep us well in body and mind in this challenging time. The schedule is available here and the list of activities is updated weekly.


Tuesday Zumba 18:30 - 19:30

Passcode  077241

Tuesday classes will take place on 1/06, 8/06, 15/06, 22/06, 29/06, then a summer pause.

For those in the region, along with other instructors, I will be taking part in free, outdoor Zumba classes in Square Jean Jacques Rousseau (intersection rue de Pouilly and chemin du Bugnon) St Genis Pouilly. Tuesday evenings 19:00 – 20:00 throughout July and August. Everyone is welcome. 

 (Thursday online Zumba classes are now on pause until further notice)


Wednesday High Intensity Training weekly from 18:30
Need some intensive exercise? CERN Fitness Club’s Natalia is running a H.I.I.T. class for all, make 2021 your H.I.I.T year!
Zoom link:



The following CERN Clubs are organising either in person or online activities:

Club Eco-Actions

Oui, le club Eco-actions accepte les nouveaux membres en tout temps.

Il suffit pour cela de se rendre sur notre site internet : et de compléter la rubrique Sign-up.

Les membres du club se réunissent tous les jeudi à 13h sur la

plateforme Discord :


Finance Club

The finance club has online Zoom meetings from time to time.

These meetings are on an irregular basis and we provide information via email.

People on the “club-finance” e-group list will receive these emails.

More Information about joining our club can be found here:


Fitness Club

HIIT with Natalia 

Wednesdays at 18:30

​Regular Zumba classes online:

Tuesdays 18:30 
Thursdays 18:30

Zumba from Rachel's living room​​ 

(No zumba Thurs 13/05 or Tues 18/05. On 20/05 and 27/05 start time 19:30) 


Pilates and zumba videos

HIIT with Loris (pre recorded)


Football Club


Frisbee club

We are meeting next to the rugby field in Meyrin Vergers on Mondays and Fridays lunch time to do throwing and running workouts.


Learning Classical Music at CERN

The CERN Learning Classical Music Club (LCMC) has resumed in person music lessons for children, teens and adults. We actually use a hybrid model, twice a month in-person classes held at GAOS (;,6.0495356,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x478c63fe49a47119:0xa3f328a0d7ae3906!8m2!3d46.2235523!4d6.0517243) close to CERN in the Satigny-Meyrin industrial zone, and the rest of the time classes via zoom.

We will have an "Open Door Day"  at GAOS on 20 June 2021 with 

presentation of instruments and the possibility to have a trial lesson 

(CHF 50 for 30 minutes) subject to prior registration :

More info: Club:


Micro Club

Nous acceptons en tout temps des nouveaux membres, Nous donnons des conseils et support 365/7 via internet Tous les achats sont faits via mail ( et livrés directement aux domiciles des membres. Les Payements sont faits aussi par e-Banking.

La seule limitation que nous avons pour le moment sont les ateliers et présentations qui devraient être faits en presenciel, et certains nous arrivons à les faire via Internet.

Nous organisons au moins une réunion virtuelle par mois avec Zoom.

Le secrétariat répond tout le temps pour toute sorte d’information 

par mail à:


Orienteering Club

The orienteering club accepts any newcomers who wish to try and then become members.

All details on our events; meeting places, etc can be found on our website and user can subscribe to our e-group list (ask via email to to receive latest news on events, results, etc Our next events takes place 13.5, 15.5, etc - pre-registration is required due to COVID.


Rugby Club

Women Rugby team trainings: 

               - Tuesdays and Thursdays – 19:00 – Stade des Arbères, Meyrin

               - Contact: +41789430985 or

Male Rugby team trainings:

 -           Thursdays – 18:30 –Stade des Arbères, Meyrin

 -           Contact:


Running Club

Basically everyday at noon.

The place is depending on the type of training : in front of gate A or B, St Genis Stadium, somewhere at the bottom of the Jura, ...

Some info is given on and details are sent every week to members.



The Velo Club has started riding outside on Sundays. We only ride in Switzerland. At the moment we can only be 15 according to the Swiss rules and each Sunday we have reached this number (and above). We will try and make it work with several groups if necessary, no need to contact us in advance just turn up 10:00 am:
All necessary info on our  website​



Only outside:


Yoga Club


The CERN Welcome Club Committee is glad to inform you the brand-new SHARE & SUPPORT SPACE!

What is it?

The Share & Support Space is aimed at creating a stronger sense of community and solidarity in times of the global pandemic, by creating a space for self-discovery and building connection where participants can safely explore different topics in a confidential and contained environment. It supports participants to grow in self-awareness, empathy, as well as combat loneliness and isolation.

Share & Support Space is a confidential place where you can bring your authentic self and experience deep listening and foster non-judgement towards yourself and others. During a Share & Support Space you'll be invited to practice emotional honesty, connect to your intuition and foster deeper insight. It's a time for you to practice self-care and foster wellbeing. Feel free to bring a cup of tea/coffee, light a candle, eat a cookie, whatever makes you feel comfortable and will help you relax and be present.

What to expect?

Each Share & Support Space follows the same structure. We'll start with a brief grounding meditation and introduce the theme of the day. Take a few moments to create the group agreement together and then I'll suggest three questions to reflect upon. This can be in writing form, by take time to think or engaging in artistic expression. After the 10 minutes are over, you'll then be invited to share your thoughts and reflections with the group. Each participant will speak one by one while the rest of the group listens. If time permits, there will be a second round of sharing in which participants will focus on anything that has been said that resonates with their experience or any new points of view that they find useful. To close each Share & Support Space participants will be invited to share one word that encapsulates what they are taking away from the session.

While the Share & Support Space is not group therapy, it is a place for profound connection to yourself and others which can have great benefits for your mental health and wellbeing. Confidentiality is required from all participants in order to develop trust and deep sharing. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is required.

Each Share & Support Space will have a different theme:

27th November, 2020 - Embracing Change & Uncertainty

11th December, 2020 - Fostering Resilience & Confidence

29th January, 2021 - Coping with Loneliness & Isolation

26th February, 2021 - Establishing Self-care Routines & Balance

26th March, 2021 - Managing Stress & Negative Thoughts

30th April, 2021 - Celebrating Success & Positivity

28th May, 2021 - Dealing with Anger & Fear

25th June, 2021 - Fun & Play

*Times will be confirmed closer to the date based on participants availability*

How to join?

The Share & Support Space will be conducted in English, last one and a half hour and held on Zoom. You can access the Share & Support Space via your cell phone or computer. 

To access the Share & Support Space you'll need: 

1. be a member of the CERN Welcome Club

2. send proof of payment of the membership and book your spot via email at

3. pay 10 CHF for your spot to Sarah via bank transfer

4. download Zoom on your PC. 

Spaces are limited to 12 per session, so please only book your place if you can commit to attending. If you have to cancel your spot please do so with at least 24h notice, as this will allow any participants on the waiting list to take your spot and benefit from the support.



 If you would like to help in organising these weekly activities or have an idea to propose, please contact