Chemical risks (C)

Risks associated with the chemical agents


The CERN Safety Rules and related documents listed below relate and apply to chemicals, including chemical agents, prevention and protections measures, asbestos...

Chemical Safety rules were subjected to a substantial review in 2011. Indeed, 16 Safety Rules and related documents were published in March 2011. Other related documents were published in 2011. These new publications are presented visually in the diagram to the right.

For any information and/or questions relating to associated with chemicals, please contact the HSE Unit:

Chemical agents
Prevention and Protection Measures
Explosive Atmospheres
Monitoring of exposure to hazardous chemical agents in workplace atmospheres

Safety Instruction

IS 32 - Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) (1986) en fr
Rules for the safe use of PCB and for the elimination from CERN in a controlled and safe manner, to conform to the legislation of the Host-States.
IS 42 - Compressed gas bottles (1995) en fr
Safety rules for the transport, use and storing of cylinders to avoid fire or explosion hazards.

IS 43 - Asbestos - Dangers and precautions (2003) en fr
The purpose of this safety instruction is to remind the CERN personnel of the safety instructions prohibiting the use of asbestos, of those concerning the management of asbestos in situ and those governing activities entailing a risk of exposure to asbestos.

IS 49 - Avoiding chemical pollution of water (2002) en fr
This instruction gives a definition of chemical pollution and examples of common water pollution hazard. It explains the role of the SC services in matters of the environmental protection, lists the activities and circumstances that may lead to pollution. It outlines practical measures to be obeyed to prevent pollution and instructs how to behave when pollution or leakage of polluting liquids is observed or believed. Finally, it explains legal aspects of water pollution, including INB regulations, and addresses liaisons with the Host States in matters of environmental protection.

Safety Guideline

Safety Guideline C-0-0-1 - Identification of hazardous chemical agents en fr
This Safety Guideline is intended to provide practical advice for the identification of hazardous chemical agents. Safety Regulation SR-C, Chemical agents requires the identification to be followed-up with an assessment of the risks and the adoption of suitable prevention and protection measures. All relevant information must be recorded in the Safety Form C-0-0-1, Chemical risk assessment.
Safety Guideline C-0-0-2 - Chemical risk assessment (Inhalation) en
In accordance with Safety Regulation SR-C, Chemical agents, this Safety Guideline is intended to assess the level of risk from inhalation and determine the control measures appropriate for a given activity involving hazardous chemical agents. It is a simplified assessment method which can be used together with the requirements for the monitoring of exposure to hazardous chemical agents in workplace atmospheres given in General Safety Instruction GSI-C3, Monitoring of exposure to hazardous chemical agents in workplace atmospheres.
Safety Guideline C-0-0-3 - Lead en
This Safety Guideline is intended to establish guidelines for the safe use and handling of lead and its compounds at CERN, and to give advice where lead may be present at CERN.
Safety Guideline C-0-0-4 - REACH en
This Safety Guideline is intended to provide practical advice concerning the steps to be taken if you use hazardous substances which have been registered under REACH.
Safety Guideline C-0-0-5 - Safe handling and disposal of nanomaterials en
This Safety Guideline is aimed at those people who, in the course of their duties, handle nanomaterials or those who are responsible for putting in place control measures for activities involving nanomaterials.
Safety Guideline C-1-0-1 - Storage of hazardous chemical agents en
In accordance with General Safety Instruction GSI-C1, Prevention and Protection Measures, this Safety Guideline is intended to give directives concerning the storage of hazardous chemical agents. Chemical agents must be stored either in a central storage area or in the chemical laboratory or workshop. Workbenches or fume cupboards must not be used for the storage of chemical agents, but rather for placing chemical agents which are in use. At the end of the working day chemical agents must be returned to storage, either to a cabinet in the laboratory or else to the central storage area.
Safety Guideline C-1-0-2 - Chemical protective gloves en
This Safety Guideline is intended to indicate the chemical protective gloves available in the CERN stores and to provide advice on their choice, use and maintenance.
Safety Guideline C-1-0-3 - Practical guide for users of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems en
This Safety Guideline is intended to provide users of LEV systems with practical advice on how to ensure their system is effective as a control measure for preventing exposure.
Safety Guideline C-2-0-1 - Explosion protection measures en
This Safety Guideline is intended for use with all activities which involve flammable substances and which may give rise to explosive atmospheres and so explosion hazards. It provides practical advice for the implementation of protection measures.
Safety Guideline C-2-0-2 - Identification and prevention of explosion hazards en
This Safety Guideline is intended for use with all activities involving flammable substances which may give rise to explosive atmospheres and hence explosion hazards. It describes the method to be used for the assessment which must be recorded using the Safety Form C-2-0-1, Explosion Risk Assessment.
Safety Guideline C-2-0-3 - Practical guide for classification of hazardous areas en
This Safety Guideline is intended to provide FGSOs with practical advice on how to perform and record the classification of hazardous areas.

Safety Form

Safety Form C-0-0-1 - Chemical risk assessment en fr
Safety Form C-0-0-2 - Nanomaterial Risk Assessment en

Safety Form C-1-0-2 - Chemical inventory en fr

Safety Form C-1-0-3 - Test of safety showers / eyes washes en fr
Safety Form C-1-0-4 - Respirator use en
Safety Form C-2-0-1 - Explosion risk assessment en

Safety Form C-2-0-2 - Classification of hazardous areas en

Safety Form C-2-0-3 - Declaration/ Cancellation of the use of flammable gas in an experimental area en
Safety Form C-3-0-1 - Exposure Form for hazardous chemicals and CMR fr


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