Last updated: 10 June 2020

Work on the CERN sites will resume with caution and gradually, and with the implementation of specific COVID-19-related health and safety measures. Activities related to LS2, accelerator and experiment upgrades and urgent site and building works are considered priority. In all cases, the presence on site should be limited to the time required to carry out the activity(ies). All members of personnel need authorization of their respective hierarchy to access the sites. Employed Members of Personnel as well as students, trainees, etc. shall come on to CERN sites only upon request from their supervisor and in accordance with instructions provided by the supervisor. Users shall come to the sites only at the request of the Experiment Spokespersons or Technical Coordinators and in agreement with their home institutions.

The COVID-19 safety course must be successfully completed for access to the CERN sites (as of 18 May) by all members of personnel and contractors.

All members of personnel and contractors who are newcomers to CERN must complete the self-declaration form, which is mandatory to access the sites.

Access to CERN sites for people with vulnerabilities

Last updated: 14 May 2020

Part of CERN’s duty of care is to protect the health of persons with vulnerabilities. According to expert advice there are two categories of particularly vulnerable people: those over 65 years old and persons with existing pre-conditions.

  • Members of personnel over 65: For those persons aged over 65, access to the CERN sites will only be permitted if their activity is certified as essential for strategic or operational reasons by the relevant Department Heads or the Spokespersons of the experiments.
  • Contractors shall comply with applicable national laws with respect to work on the CERN site of persons over 65 or with vulnerabilities regarding COVID-19. 
  • Members of personnel with vulnerabilities: Anyone under 65 with vulnerabilities (i.e. pregnancy, cancer; cardiovascular diseases; chronic respiratory diseases; diabetes; diseases or treatments that weaken the immune system; high blood pressure) must not come on CERN site. They should declare by email to their supervisor that they fall into this category and work remotely. If tele-working is not possible, they should exchange with their Departmental Administrative Officer for the relevant absence request to submit.

Access to CERN sites for visitors *NEW CONTENT*

Last updated: 10 June 2020

Professional visits deemed essential for CERN may be allowed, if approved by the relevant Department Head or experiment Spokesperson. Prior to access, visitors must receive all the relevant safety information.

All visitors shall complete the self-declaration form, which is mandatory to access the CERN sites.