Safety and Health risks (SH)

Safety Regulation

SR-S- Smoking at CERN
This Safety Regulation bans smoking in all enclosed or covered spaces on CERN premises as well as in all CERN vehicles. The prescriptions enforced by this Safety Regulation shall apply to all persons present on the CERN site.


General Safety Instruction

GSI-SH-1 - Visits on the CERN site
The purpose of this General Safety Instruction is to define the minimum Safety requirements for all types of visits on the CERN site.
GSI-SH-2 - Lone working
The purpose of this General Safety Instruction is to define the minimum Safety requirements for lone working.


Safety Code

A3 - Safety colours and safety signs (1992)
This code defines for CERN the standard safety colours and safety signs (European or specific to CERN) to give information on existing risks or dangers and to indicate an interdiction, a warning, a mandatory action, an emergency escape, or the location and identification of first-aid and fire-fighting equipment. It is based on the EEC Directive 91/C53/06.

A8 - Protection against noise (1993)
The purpose of this code is to lay down the rules to be followed to protect people and the environment against the risks and harmful effects of exposure to noise generated by equipment or installations at CERN. Tables give the sound levels characteristics, limits of exposure, permissible average noise levels. A chapter deals with the medical examinations recommended in case of exposure to repeated or high noise levels.

Article 6 and Table IV of A8 Code have been repealed in a memorandum of the Director-General published on September 13, 2017 that covers the Noise in the Environment. Other requirements are still in force.


Safety Instruction

IS 4 Rev. - Safety inspections (2006)
Definition of responsibilities and organizational aspects concerning safety inspections, with emphasis for buildings.

IS 7 - Individual protection (1993)
This instruction is based on the European Directive 89/656/CEE concerning minimal safety and health requirements for the use of individual protective equipment when hazards cannot be prevented or adequately limited by collective technical protective measures. Specific requirements for Individual Protective Equipment for a given hazard can be found in the concerned Safety Rules (for example Chemical Safety rules)


Safety Note

NS 12 - Recommendations for the habitual use of VDU screens (1992)
This note summarizes some ergonomy principles in order to help solving the most frequent problems caused by work in front of a screen (eyesight correction, proper seating, use of suitable equipment, etc.).
NS 26 - Reminder on basic safety rules for workshops (1993)
These general safety rules are mainly intended for the use of common machines-tools, for welding work or other tasks performed in workshops. This note must be posted in all workshops.
NS 28 - CERN exhibition fire precautions (2002)
This Safety Note is intended to lay down the safety precautions to be respected by exhibitors to ensure the safety of persons present in a CERN building where a temporary exhibition is being arranged.


Safety Guideline

Safety Guideline OHS-0-0-1 - Risk assessment  (Obsolete)
The purpose of this Safety Guideline is to aid in the implementation of the risk assessment process laid down in the framework of the Safety Regulation SR-OHS - Occupational Health and Safety.
Safety Guideline SG-SH-0-0-1 - 29 Key questions to ensure that safety aspects are integrated into invitations to tender (in French)
Safety Guideline OHS 1-0-1 - 15 Key questions to ensure the safe running of your event
Safety Guideline GS-1-0-1 - Safety Signs
Safety Guideline SG-SH-1-0-1 - Guideline for the implementation of Safety Rule GSI-SH-1 "Visits on the CERN site"
This Safety Guideline is intended to assist with understanding and applying General Safety Instruction GSI-SH-1 "Visits on the CERN site", version 2. This guideline is partly based on comments, questions and remarks gathered during the consultation phase of the Safety Rules drafting process.
Safety Guideline SG-SH-2-0-1 - Guide for the implementation of GSI-SH-2 - Lone working | - Safety_Health - | fr


Safety Form

Safety Form SF-SH-0-0-8 - Event | - Safety_Health - | fr

This Safety Form is to be completed by the organiser of an event to inform the HSE Unit and provide the data needed for defining security requirements.

When necessary safety inspections (general, electrical, structural, etc.) will take place before the start of the event.

To help you in organising your event, the Safety Guide "15 key issues to address the safety aspect of your event" is available on the official website of safety rules (

Safety Form SF-SH-2-0-1 - Assessement grid for lone working
This Safety Form is an assessment grid to help determine the preventive and emergency measures to be taken into consideration for all lone working, as defined in GSI-SH-2.
This form applies only to members of the CERN personnel (MPE and MPA) and not to CERN's contractors or their personnel.
Safety Form OHS-0-0-1 and 0-0-2 - Risk assessment
The purpose of these Safety Forms is to aid in the implementation of the risk assessment process laid down in the framework of the Safety Regulation SR-OHS - Occupational Health and Safety.
Safety Form SF-SH-1-0-1 - Request of official guided visit | - Safety_Health - | fr
Entry permit for work in a confined space
Disabling of level 3 alarm


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