Safety Services

Emergency Preparedness Support

Assist the Departments in emergency preparedness, in particuler with the reception of level 3 alarms and the provision of necessary elements for emergency evacuations.

Service Leader:  Valentin ALGOET and Mariela ALARCON POLO

Event Safety Support

Ensure a preventive approach to the Safety of events. 

Service Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Safety Rules and Regulatory Watch in matters of Safety

Update the Safety rules and elaborate new ones in order for the Organisation to function better.  Provide information concerning the evolution of Safety Regulations.  Update the fundamental documents available on the web. 

Service Leader: François ANGERAND and Ulla TIHINEN

Safety Computing

Provides safety systems computing support for the HSE Unit.

The team is responsible for the development and support of a wide set of specific software and systems for safety at CERN such as:

  • Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition systems for Radiation Protection and Environmental Protection of CERN (RAMSES and REMUS systems)
  • Databases and web applications assisting the HSE Unit activities such as:

Service Leader: Gustavo SEGURA MILLAN and Adrien LEDEUL

Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections page

The different types of Safety Inspections carried out are the following:

• General Safety Inspections: safety inspections of infrastructure (administrative buildings, workshops, experimental halls, technical galleries, accelerators etc.) 
• Electrical Safety Inspections: safety inspections of electrical installations (…)
• Lifting Safety Inspections: safety inspections of lifting systems, equipment and accessories
• Machine Tools Safety Inspections
• Pressure Safety Inspections: safety inspections of enclosures, reservoirs and pressure lines, boilers…
• Pressure and accessories Safety Inspections: safety inspections of valves, pressure regulators, pressure gages, pressure lines…

The Safety Inspectors detailed inspection reports, they request and recommend preventive actions and verify that the inspected object functions or will function in accordance with the CERN Safety Rules.

Service Leader: Cécile PINTO and Olivier TISON

Safety Process Integration

The safety process integration expertise provides support and revises the existing working processes, aiming to integrate as much as possible the safety procedures in the existing working processes. The integration of the safety procedures in the existing or new working processes, helps to identify interdependencies and reduce the redundancy of information.

Service Leader: Fernando BALTASAR

Tendering Safety Support

Check the integration of Safety in calls for tender.  Advise and propose technical solutions in the domains linked to Safety in the writing of calls for tender, ensure a preventive approach.

Service Leader: Mariela ALARCON POLO Backup:  Valentin ALGOET and François ANGERAND

Visit Safety Support

Ensure a preventive approach to the Safety of visits. 

Service Leader: Carine PIVIDORI

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