Organisation of Unit

The HSE-Unit is supervised by the Director General.

Head of HSE-Unit: Dr. Doris Forkel-Wirth

Deputy Head of Unit: Christoph Delamare

There are 5 groups:

The Head Office Group: HSE-DI  GL: Dr. Doris Forkel-Wirth, DGL: Angela Göhring-Crinon

The Radiation Protection Group: HSE-RP GL: Dr. Stefan Roesler, DGL: Dr. Heinz Vincke

The Computing and Environmental Protection Group: HSE-CEN GL: Enrico Cennini, DGL: Sonja Kleiner

The CERN Fire Brigade: HSE-FB GL: Matti Tiirakari, DGL: Yann Lechevin and Paul McPike

The Occupational Health and Safety Group: HSE-OHS Acting GL: Dr. Doris Forkel-WIrth, DGL: Saverio La Mendola


The organigrams of the entire unit are under development.

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