Occupational Safety

Accident & Incident Follow-up

Ensure the follow-up of accidents and incidents which occur on the CERN site provide support to the Departments for their analyses.  Periodically provide information on accidents and incidents which occur in order to learn from them and for Safety at CERN to improve. 

Service Leader: Carine PIVIDORI and Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Asbestos Risk Management

Identify and evaluate materials likely to contain asbestos, define the asbestos consolidation works.  Accompany the Departments for their works where asbestos is likely to be found (diagnosis and follow-up of worksites).  Train and inform the people concerned at CERN with regards to the risk of asbestos, participate with the Departments to the management of complaints.  Collaborate with all requests linked to medical aspects. 

Activity Leader: Stephen EVANS and Olivier PROUTEAU

Working Conditions

Ensure a preventive approach to Safety at the work stations of personnel. 

Activity Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Noise Risk Management

Assist and advise the Departments and Experiments in their consideration of noise risks. 

Activity Leader: Laetitia WOHLGEMUTH

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Risk Management

Assist and advise the Departments and Experiments in dealing with the ODH risk management (Oxygen Deficiency Hazard).

Activity Leader: Gunnar LINDELL

Worksites & Associated Risks

Ensure a preventive approach in the Safety domains of worksites and services and their associated risks. 

Activity Leader: Olivier PROUTEAU and Stephen EVANS


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