Electrical Hazards (EL)

Risks associated with the electrical installations and live equipment

Safety Code

C1 - Electrical Safety Code (1990) en fr
The aim of this code (based on the most recent IEC or CENELEC standards) is to establish regulations for the construction, installation and use of electrical equipment which guarantee the protection of personnel and property, and applies to all persons under the Director-General's authority, including contractors and experimental groups, and to all electrical equipment and installations on all sites. Personnel qualifications, choice of equipment and inspections are some of the subjects dealt with.

Safety Instruction

IS 5 - Emergency stops (2001) en fr
Description of the two types of emergency stops (general and local emergency stops), definition of the buildings or areas to be equipped, and effects due to these emergency stops on power supplies or accelerators. Exceptions and rules for safety equipment.
IS 23 - Criteria and Standard Test Methods for the Selection of Electric Cables and Wires with Respect to Fire Safety and Radiation Resistance (2005) en fr
This instruction is based on the latest standards and recommendations to ensure a very high level of safety against hazards associated with smoke, toxicity and corrosivity from burning plastics. It summarizes the required properties for the different materials and cable types and is applicable to all types of cables and wires and other insulated parts to be used in CERN installations.

IS 24 - Regulations applicable to electrical installations (1990) en fr
Reference is made to publications on electrical installations.

IS 48 - Fire prevention for cables, cable trays and conduits (2001) en fr
This Safety Instruction defines rules and other preventive measures for cable fires. It lists the most common fire risks for cables and conduits. Mandatory precautions are specifically aimed at preventing cable fires in physics experiments where confined spaces, higher vicinity risks and lack of effective electrical protections add up to an increased risk of ignition.

Safety Note

NS 24 - Removing unburied ELV and LVA electric conduits (2001) en fr
The preparation of the work, identification of cables are the main points described in this note in order to ensure the protection of personnel during the removing of ELV and LVA electric conduits.

Safety Guideline

Safety Guideline EL-0-0-1 - Installation of Safety lighting fr
This Safety Guideline is intended to set out advice relating to the design, installation and maintenance of Safety lighting installations in buildings (or institutions) not receiving public.

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